European Parliament in your country

The European Parliament has Liaison Offices (EPLOs) in all the EU capitals as well as regional offices in five most populous Member States, and two offices outside the EU (in London and Washington).

EPLOs are responsible for the local implementation of institutional communication activities, with the ultimate goal of enhancing people’s awareness of the impact of the European Parliament on their daily lives and promoting their engagement in the European democratic process.

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Offices speaking your language for democracy is a community of people who believe in democracy and who want to give it real meaning as the next European elections approach. Sign up here to get involved - the more people vote, the stronger our democracy becomes!

Visit the Parliament

Come and see for yourself how proposals become law and where your MEP has a say on the future of Europe. We offer a range of activities in Brussels and Strasbourg, so that whether you come alone, with your family, or in a group, there is something for you.

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Facts Sheets on the European Union

If you are searching for a great overview of EU’s policies and the Parliament’s role in them, this is the place to start. The Factsheets are concise yet they give you the full picture and are regularly updated.

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Be heard

Do you have something to say? Then make your voice heard. Petition the Parliament if you think that EU laws are being breached where you are or contact the European Ombudsman if you need a mediator. You can also call for new laws directly by launching a citizens’ initiative together with others.

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